Stained Glass Restoration

Simple Repairs to Sympathetic Restorations

We can repair your tired and broken stained glass panels, from a simple single piece of cracked glass to a full rebuild.

As well as being able to repair window and door leaded stained glass panels, we repair leaded panels in cabinet doors and accident damage to tiffany style lampshades

When we repair panels, the goal will intially be to keep as much of the original piece as possible and only to replace the broken glass which we aim to be as invisible a repair as possible. In cases where the damage is more extensive, or where the damage has resulted from deterioration in the lead due to oxidisation, the panel may need a partial or complete rebuild.

In a complete rebuild, the panel will be dismantled to the basic components, the broken glass pieces replaced, and the panel re-assembled with new lead and returned to the original frame

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