100mm Friendship Ball various colours
  • 100mm Friendship Ball various colours

100mm Friendship Ball in multi colours.

100mm Friendship Ball in multi colours.
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100mm Friendship Ball in multi colours.

These beautiful giftboxed hand blown glass ornaments are traditionally known as symbols of friendship. They sparkle in the light the way a good friend brings sparkle to your life. The colours swirl and mingle across the surface of the ball enhancing each other just as the talents and varied personalities of your friends bring colour to your life. These balls have intriguing ripples and ridges making them a delight to touch as well as behold.

Just Like Friends...No Two Are Alike

In Your Garden or Pond

Our blown glass balls are sealed air tight and therefore serve as beautiful accents floating on the surface of any water garden. They have the added advantage of offering a hook, which can be used to drop a line anchoring the ball. Without an anchor, free floating pond balls will cluster in one corner of the pond, but if weighted, our balls stay aesthetically placed. We recommend the use of non-lead weights because lead could poison pond fish.

Add other splashes of colour to your garden by hanging our blown glass balls from trees or on garden hooks. They will withstand most weather conditions, as long as they can't swing and bump into a hard surface

Also known as a Witch Ball

- a witch ball is a hollow sphere of coloured glass traditionally used as a fishing float. Modern witches balls are decorative replicas. Floating glass buoys became connected with witches during the witch hunts in England. There are several variations relating to the purpose of witch balls. According to folk tales, witch balls will entice evil spirits with their bright colours and that they prevent a witch from being in a room, because witches supposedly cannot bear seeing their own reflection. Some also say that witch balls can be used to avert the evil eye, by attracting the gaze of the eye and preventing harm to the house and its inhabitants.