Medium/Small Natural Himalayan Salt Lamp
  • Medium/Small Natural Himalayan Salt Lamp

Medium/Small Natural Himalayan Salt Lamp


Medium/Small Natural Himalayan Salt Lamp, 240v with bulb included


Himalayan Salt Lamps are becoming increasingly popular, and for good reason. Their benefits include reduced anxiety, better sleep, indoor air purification, and improved mood. But how can a block of salt do all this?

Pure Himalayan Salt Lamps are able to have these naturally calming effects due to their emission of negative ions. Negative ions are ions of negative energy that have a soothing effect on humans on a molecular level. Large concentrations of negative ions are found in nature - some of the most concentrated emissions come from sunlight and large bodies of water.

Negative ions also combat positive ions, or ions that produce a positive charge. These positive ions are produced from electronic devices used everyday, like microwaves, cell phones, and televisions. In contrast to negative ions, positive ions stress humans out on a molecular level bombarding humans with high frequencies at a level much higher than in nature. Positive ions are also emitted from bacteria and allergens, which can increase respiratory sensitivity.

So, how does it all work? Salt is hydroscopic, meaning that it absorbs the moisture from the surrounding environment. The flame or bulb inside the lamp heats up this absorbed moisture, causing it to evaporate. The evaporation process is what releases the negative ions into the surrounding air. The negative ions then bind to the positive ions and neutralize them this is why they are so helpful in easing allergy or asthma symptoms and cleaning the air around you.

Since most salt lamps are smaller in size, youll likely need more than one in your home. Luckily, the lamps (or candles) are decorative looking and quite versatile in style, so you can make them as discrete or as much of a centerpiece to the room as you would like. Their peaceful glow is another added benefit, and can even help those who suffer from Seasonal Affective Disorder (SAD). The relaxing glow is also a great addition to any meditation or yoga space.

Various sizes are also available it is estimated that every 1 pound of salt covers a 15 square foot area in your home. Its important to make sure that the lamp or candle you are purchasing is made of pure salt there are a lot of imitations out there that will cost the same, without the benefits.

Each salt lamp is unique in character; they come in different shapes and colors. Pure Himalayan Salt Lamps usually come in a spectrum of colors, from white to red tone. Darker lamps have more mineral deposits, creating a stronger cleansing or purifying effect. The 4 main colors that can be found at most stores include: pink, red, orange and white. While all salt lamps are beneficial, each color adds a unique healing effect to those basking in its glow. The color-healing association is mostly one of visual effects; the visual association of each color is said to emphasize that particular effect in addition to the purifying effect of the salt lamp. For example, a pink lamp will have the effects of all Himalayan Salt Lamps discussed above, with particular emphasis on emotional healing or love.

Pink lamps are associated with emotional healing benefits, like increased sense of partnership while stimulating love and emotions.

Red salt lamps promote cardiovascular healing effects like increased blood flow, circulation and activation of the heart.

White lamps are associated with purification, healing and cleansing.

Orange lamps promote relaxation and combat nervousness.

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